Day Off Spent Online Shopping

If you’ve been following my blog since I started, you already know that I like spending my day offs shopping. So of course, since I had a day off yesterday, I went online and bought some things. Rather a few too many things.

I like to be at least transparent when it comes to buying stuff that could maybe help and be of interest to my readers so allow me to show you guys some of the things that I spent my hard-earned cash on.

1. FORMULA X STRENGTHEN – Nail Strengthener

Perfect for those with brittle nails like me. :/

2. Urban Decay Naked2

It’s a bit pricey but it’s good to invest on a palette that you can use regularly.

3. Joy & Karma Best Vitamin C Serum For Face


I’ll be needing this a lot more now.

4. Joy & Karma Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Facial Moisturizer

Because age. :(

5. Everlast 4455-3 3-Pk. Hand Wraps

I’m about to start kickboxing class so I bought stuff that I need.

6. New Balance Women’s Go 2 Tights

Time to work on my fitness!

Weekend Fun

Weekends are usually spent unwinding after a busy and stressful work week. Some may take it as an opportunity to have fun but I guess I’m too tired to have “fun”. Instead, my idea of fun is be lazy and read a good book, with a warm cup of coffee.

I really need this time off for myself. It’s going to be the best weekend ever! ;)

I hope you guys have a good one too.

Beautiful Mugshots

Hey guys! OK, I don’t think I’m supposed to be blogging right now since I should be looking for gorgeous mugs for the cafe. My aunt thought it would be nice to have some customized mugs but of course that would mean more additional expense. But we’re toying with the idea so now I’m looking for ideas on the very reliable world of Google.

Ooh, couple mugs!
Sounds about right for some couples. ;)
For the older couples. <3
SO ADORABLE! I want one for myself. Must find my “Chris” though. Lol

Do you guys have more brilliant suggestions?  Please let me know! Also, I think I have to log off now. Laters!

Starting Over

Hey guys, Kristina here. I’m finally checking in after two years of being radio silent. I know, I know. This has been a long time coming. I have no excuses except that there were so many things going at once at that time that I couldn’t possibly handle blogging regularly as a responsibility too.

I have some good news to share with all of you. First, my mom got better – thank God! I think I mentioned in my last post that my mom’s sickness hit us hard financially but as soon as she got better, we were able to figure things out with a little bit of help from my grandparents. I’m not sure how we would have managed without them. Pop and Nana, you guys are the best!

Two, my Aunt Rose recently opened a cafe in our town and she hired me to manage her business’ online presence. How awesome is that?! Later on when everything’s all set, I’ll post more details.

For now, just know that I’m officially back! :)


No More Time :(

How a lot of things can quickly turn your life to a 360 turn. How long was I unable to go online? 3? 4? 5 months? Gosh, now that’s a very long time.

Hmmm where do I begin? Well to start with, something unfortunate happened. My mom got very ill and we literally had to stay in the hospital for over a month. Everything was literally eaten up by the bills to the point that we had to even sell our house and just move into a smaller apartment just to pay the medical bills and not to mention pay the mortgage on the car. So yeah, we gone through a very bad financial turmoil.

So what happened? Well, I obviously had to stop freelancing and get myself a real job so I could avail of certain benefits and not to mention, be eligible for a loan. I landed a job at Macey’s as a fashion consultant. At first, I loved my job very much because of the employee discount that I can have whenever I go shopping. Then again, it got pretty rough after a while.

No, walking around all dolled up and in stilletos wasn’t as fabulous as I thought, especially if you do it five days a week for eight hours a day, and you have to stand most of the time and walk back and forth! Did I mention how frustrating it was when irate customers go up to you and complain and nag? Oh yes!

So yeah, work ate up my time. On my days off, I can do nothing but SLEEP. Gosh, that’s how it has been for the past 4 months. Hopefully, things will be better soon so I can be back to freelancing. But for now, no more blogging for me.

Day Off Means Shopping

Today was my day off! I didn’t have anything to do so I decided to go shopping. I haven’t had the time to shop in a long time so I planned to give this my all. It’s not all the time that I have a day off so I should really take advantage of this. Since I always have to look my best, it is important that I dress well. The timing is perfect since I probably have nothing more to wear for future meetings and events. I have had to reuse and recycle everything that I owned just to come up with something new. Mix and match, really. However, it would be better if I had some new stuff to incorporate with the old.

Of course, at the end of the day, I bought a lot and it’s going to take me a while to pay off everything. I might be in debt already! LOL! Oh well, for the love of my job and for the love of fashion. One can never have enough of beautiful things. I loved everything that I bought and I can’t wait to wear my new shoes. As always, this is my new favorite!

Sunday Workout

Today is Sunday. I don’t have to rush to the gym today because now I have my elliptical trainer. I’m not really fond of lifting weights so may as well stay at home and workout. I also have an exercise mat for when I work out my abs. The really important thing for me is just cardio and I am satisfied with just being on it for 30 minutes or to an hour. After this, I will resume my usual routine of going to the spa to get myself pampered and well taken care of. I just love this time of the week. It’s always all about me, myself and I.

Happy Sunday guys! Rest well because it just might be another long week.

Cutting Loose

I am thinking of cutting my hair. I have had the same long straight hair since forever and I feel like I need a new look. Sticking to something I’m comfortable in is good but it gets boring. I feel uninspired and I want to shake things up a little bit. Here are some of the hairstyles that I think would look good on me.

I really like this one but I don’t have a stylist and I barely have enough time to put make-up on so I don’t think this is going to work with me. I love the fringe bangs tho’.

This one looks fresh and young. Hmm, I might just try this one. We’ll see.

I love this one too because it looks effortless. But, again, I don’t have a stylist and I might just end up having too much bad hair days.

I might go with Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle. We’ll see. I’m afraid that I might regret it later on. I should ask the opinion of my friends on this one. I’m too much of a wuss.

Blogging is my Favorite

I may be doing a lot of things right now but definitely, blogging is my favorite. This is so stress-free and I can say anything I want to and I can rant if I want to. I can post whatever I want to post without worrying that I might be doing something uncharacteristic or something that would get people turned off. Blogging is my release and I like sharing my thoughts, however random and nonsense, to you guys. Besides, I have always loved to write and this is just a really modern way to showcase what you do best. I’m just also pretty lucky that at least people are also appreciating what I have to say. I may love to plan events, but blogging will always and forever be my first love.




Free Time

I am so ecstatic that I finally have a free time. Of course, the only thing to do is hop on to the elliptical trainer and start working out. I am blogging about this before I actually do it is because I may get too carried away that by the time I’m through, I would end up being too tired that I could only lie on my bed.

Sorry for the quick post. I am just too pumped up right now. Talk to you guys later!